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About Justin and His Quest

About Justin & His Quest

About Justin
Michael Jordan once said, “Always turn a negative situation into a positive one.” Fourteen year-old athlete and sports fan Justin Friedlander is doing just that.

Justin is a normal 14 year-old boy. And as a healthy youngster, his dreams were not unlike those of others his age. Even now, Justin wrestles with his three brothers and plays with his dog. Break dancing and sports, particularly basketball, are his passion. While he may be the smallest player on the field, his competitive spirit and drive allow him to excel.

In March 2009, Justin was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor called an optic nerve glioma in the chaism. He and his family were devastated by this life-changing news. But Justin vowed to fight this battle, and merely six weeks after his diagnosis, he helped raise almost $50,000 for brain tumor research and patient services through the Race for Hope-DC.

Justin is also an extraordinary 14 year-old boy. With drive and determination that set him apart from most teens, Justin is on a mission: to find a cure for brain tumors. Justin’s Quest begins here.

About Justin’s Quest
After Justin’s diagnosis, he and his family decided to take action in the fight against brain tumors. And they have taken the fight to the basketball court. The Friedlanders are out to make a difference and to find a cure.

Justin’s Quest is to shoot a basket for every person diagnosed with a primary brain tumor each year in the United States. That’s approximately 63,000 baskets. Through Justin’s Quest, the Friedlanders are raising urgently-needed funds for brain tumor research. All proceeds from Justin’s Quest benefit the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure..

But Justin can’t do it alone. “I plan on asking friends, family, athletes, rock stars, politicians and even the president to shoot a basket with me.” says Justin, “If you can shoot a basket, come shoot with me.”

Justin and his family are determined to raise as much money as they can so other families don’t have to experience what they are going through. Justin’s passion for helping others with brain tumors led to Justin’s Quest and to this website and blog so the world can follow along with Justin and his family. You can support Justin and his Quest by donating to the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure’s research, patient services and advocacy programs.

“I challenge you to join me in this quest. Thank you for your support.”
—Justin Friedlander

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Justin graduates High School.

Justin's first DC Race For Hope.

Watch this inspiring video about brain tumor patient Justin and Justin’s Quest to shoot 63,000 hoops for each person diagnosed with a primary brain tumor every year in the United States and raise funds for brain tumor research.

President Obama, Justin and Family at the White House.

Justin and family meet President Obama in the Oval Office.

Justin and Greivis at CBS Early Show

Greivis Vasquez plays for Mephis Grizzles- Professional Basketball team.  Justin and Greivis on the set of the nationally televised CBS Early show.

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